George Santos Gets Into Fight With Mitt Romney at State of the Union Debut

Mitt and Ann Romney at an election night rally in Schaumburg, Ill., after he won the Illinois Primary last month.

Try as he might, Mitt Romney could never sell voters on the idea that he was just like regular folks who shop at Costco.

Republicans were worried about hot mic moments heading into the State of the Union. But it looks like one of those moments was caught on screen.

Cameras caught Romney and Santos trading words in what appeared to be an aggressive manner.

Romney's tense exchange with George Santos at State of the Union

Embattled GOP Representative George Santos showed up early to claim a coveted aisle seat that was well-placed for a chance to shake President Joe Biden’s hand at the State of the Union address, but instead he ended up sparring with Republican Senator Mitt Romney.

Republicans have used the concept to frame their primary opponents as enemies of the Trump-era GOP in southeast Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

There are two different wings in the Republican Party,” Chris Herrod, a former state lawmaker running in suburban Utah’s 3rd Congressional District, said in a debate last month.

The fact that his brand has become potent attack fodder reflect how singular Romney’s position is in U.S. politics